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How a small timely dedicated study hours can turn your life around

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

The medical studies are so tough to achieve that old tradition of students learning all the things in the last hour turned out to be irrelevant. It is better to have guided approach and the timely studies for the better prospects.

Students are need to focus their medical career not as a part of first year or 2nd year 1st prof, 2nd prof studies, rather they should look for the ultimate achievement they going to have in the future ten years from their initial medical years.

For a better future it is always better to prepare the subjects not as a short term goal to answer in the immediate examination but rather than to have a knowledge build up so that you can be applied in the future subjects.

The medical subjects across the medical science has a integrated approach. Where subjects organisation in all the years are staged, the first prof being basic sciences which is called pre-clinical subjects these are the for building strong fundamentals of human body functions and structure. Second prof in the para-clinical which revolve around the identification of abnormalities or type of the disease applied knowledge where student can use the problems for medicine and therapeutics in the third proof and apply for the treatment of the patients

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