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Physiology a concept based approach

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

In the current age of competitive examinations and time available is less for students planning to appear for these examination, has led to a shortcut approach of rapid preparation using infinite information available on internet. As a result everybody is looking for a very specific approach giving maximum information in short time and also the techniques to use the probability of repeat questions or topics.

This has misled to many students to prepare without strong foundations of medical knowledge as a result they fail to solve any question which is even slightly deviated from their routine preparation.

To overcome this unexpected changes and examination pattern the best way is a detail and conceptual approach rather than just learning MCQs or diagrams or graphs with out any basic knowledge in the subject.

Here in we look for a concept based approach rather then just solving MCQs or mugging the answers. With conceptual approach the ability to face any type of question or case is far more better and wise.

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